India Handbook

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India Handbook

India Handbook

David Stott

India strikes its visitor with a sensory, intellectual, spiritual and philosophical assualt that´s cheap oakley sunglasses unmatched by any other place on earth: this subcontinent´s sheer cheap oakleys sunglasses diversity is staggering. Footprint´s 19th edition India Handbook will guide you from tropical beach paradises and lush backwaters, to forests where elephants roam and foothills clad in tea plantations. – Loaded with information and suggestions on how to get off the beaten track, from ruined temples and shimmering cities to spotting tigers and trekking the Himalaya – Includes comprehensive information on everything from transport and practicalities to history, culture & landscape – Plus all the usual accommodation, eating and drinking listings that you can trust, for every budget – Full-colour planning section to inspire and help you find the best experiences – Personal recommendations from the authors on everything from festivals and haggling to camel safaris and rail routes. From navigating the outsized metropoles to exploring sprawling temples, Footprint´s fully updated 19th edition will help you get cheap oakleys the best of this enigmatic destination.

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  • India Handbook

  • India Handbook


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